morning routine


My morning routine varies somewhat day to day - depending on where I am working. However, most days I do sit with my cup of coffee and read some of my favourite blogs. Some of my fav's at the moment are: SCARPHELIAoh so prettywit & delight, Garance Doré (obviously), and bornlippy.

Lately, since the weather has been so nice I've been going outside and doing yoga in the morning sun. I can't get enough of the routines by the tone it up girls. The yoga routine has the perfect amount of stretch and quick enough that I can do it on days when I work.


Or sometimes I go on a walk to the beach with the dog.

Then, after whatever I decide on I eat my breakfast and get dressed, while listening to music or catching up on one of my favourite tv shows. Sometimes that's the only time I can do that - my boyfriend doesn't exactly like the same shows as me (*pretty little liars, revenge, greys), so I don't always get a chance to watch them in the evening.

Then it's off to work.

What does your morning routine look like?

warm weather makeup

beauty products summer

aveda | nars | clinique

To keep up with this summer theme that I've been blogging about, I've decided to share my favourite summer beauty products.

I thought all this warm weather would make my skin less dry, but this is not the case. Throughout the day yes, it does get a bit oily. Then at night it seems to dry up... a lot. Maybe I'm dehydrated? I don't know. But what I do know is that this Aveda firming face cream sure does the trick. It has intense moisture and firms the face using cactus extract and argan oil. After I wash my face I apply the moisturizer, making sure to get around my eyes - I have a scar above my left eye and I'm pretty positive it is becoming less noticeable since using this product.

Another thank you to Brittany, the Nars bronzing powder in laguna. I asked some of you lovely beauty bloggers on what your thoughts were on getting a bronzer, and this one won. I am definitely not disappointed. It's a bit pricy, but well worth it. I use this to add a sun kissed colour to my look.

I don't usually wear much more than mascara on my eyes, and when swimming it's important to have a waterproof mascara - for the obvious reasons. I like not having to worry about it running down my face and wiping it all the time. The high impact waterproof mascara by clique is my favourite because it resembles the regular high impact, making those lashes big and bold.

What are your favourite summer beauty products?

my reading list


kinfolk | new york | paris | we were liars

I wish I could say that I've been reading a lot, but I can't. I usually read a lot in the summer - mostly because I would read on the ferry traveling, but I haven't been doing a lot of that. However, I will be going off island this coming weekend to 'watch' my boyfriend in a dirt bike race. Now when I say 'watch', it's more like see him for a split second when the trail is close to the camp, otherwise he is off on the track that runs through the forest. I'll probably get lots of reading done.

I've heard rave reviews on 'we were liars' by e. lockhart. I thought this might be a good summer read, as it takes place on an island during summer. Every review I read says that it's full of mystery and suspense, and that there is a twist ending. I love mystery stories.

One day, hopefully soon, I'll get to plan a little adventure. I'm long over-due for a little holiday. I can't decide if I want to try and venture off to New York for a couple of weeks or to Paris and the south of France. I bought these books, 'The fashion insiders' guide to New York' and 'The Fashion insiders' guide to Paris' to get me inspired. I know eventually I will do both, but I'd like to plan a little trip for the fall. Maybe reading these books will help me decide on which to go to first. My bank account might be a deciding factor as well.

Then there is the latest edition of Kinfolk, volume 12. I got this book a little while ago and loved it. I might have to start collecting these volumes though - I can always work backwards. I've only had a chance to flip through the pages, but so far the photos are stunning. It's a very inspiring book.

What about you, do you have any must reads for the summer? Have you read any of these books?

my summer essentials


 hat | scarf | sunscreen | shorts | shades

Ahh summer... As you may already know I live on a little island off the west coast of Canada. The island is somewhat of a tourist destination, so summer is the busiest time here. I work part time at a restaurant and have been meeting people from all over the world. It's so interesting to see how far people come to visit this little rock. Needless to say, summer is the busiest time for me too. I'm always trying to pick up extra shifts and do projects for people to make that extra dough that's been circling the island.

Besides all the work, I HAVE managed to enjoy some of those sun-rays. I went boating the other day with some friends to a beach on the island that is only accessible by boat. It was absolutely beautiful. The soft sandy beach against the clear blue water made me feel like I was in some far off tropical land.

So, when I spend the day out on the beach I like to bring some essentials. I don't leave the house without...

  1. a hat - it's super important to protect yourself from the sun, and especially your face.
  2. scarf - comes in handy when needing to cover up those shoulders, wrap around you as a sarong, or use around your neck when on a boat if the ride back is chilly. Salt Springers can buy the scarf shown here.
  3. sunscreen - for obvious reasons (I'm really loving this Hawaiian tropics, goes on smooth and moisturizes my skin).
  4. sunglasses - there's something so satisfying about a pair of shades that are polarized, nothing like being able to bypass all that glare while you're on the water.
  5. shorts - a great pair of comfy shorts are always part of my go-to beach outfit (besides a bikini)

And last but not least - water! It's super important to stay hydrated when in the sun all day and out on the water. What are your beach time essentials?