I originally started the business EMILY HART as a clothing line and since going in the jewelry direction I felt like I needed a little name change to co-inside with my brand. HART + STONE was born. This way EMILY HART will continue to be my outlet for blogging and HART + STONE will be the new face of my jewelry line.

I had played with the idea of using the name before, but never fully felt ready for the change. Ever since I learned how to solder I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with making jewelry.

Now that the air is getting cooler my time working outside has been coming to and end, which means I have one less job and more time to spend on jewelry and blogging. I'm so excited to be creating again.

I have some fun posts coming up, and really looking forward to sharing them with all of you. Hopefully you haven't run off from my lack of posts.

Which brings me to wondering - how was your summer? What have you been up to? I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or always feel free to shoot me an e-mail,

P.S. Here are some new pieces I've added to the shop, hope you enjoy.


xo, em


just in time - lancôme grandiôse


I went camping a couple of weekends ago and foolishly brought my mascara along, who needs it while camping anyway? But, for some weird reason I packed it ... then lost it. So I was out a mascara for a couple of days until I got a present in the mail from Influsenter. I got a chance to try out this super cool mascara, the Lancôme Grandiôse*, and wear some again.


I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first, only because the wand caught me off guard. However, after the first application I was glad be testing this unique mascara. Not only was the application a breeze, it doesn't clump, and makes my lashes appear longer.

The brush is small enough to get those hard to reach bottom lashes and reach into the top corners of the lash. It's also extremely long lasting and doesn't smudge. There's no need to re-apply, even after a long day at work in the hot sun.

Not to mention the bottle and packaging is gorgeous. You might have noticed that I have a little obsession with roses. The bottle is beautiful.

This new innovative mascara has been finding its way around the blogosphere and it's interesting to see what others have to say. Have you tried it yet?

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster to test and review. All opinions are my own.

Portland pt. 2

roses-1The second part of the road trip down to Portland took us to the rose city itself. We arrived at our destination, the Ace Hotel after a long day of beach hoping.

The hotel was super funky, and the staff very friendly. It's situated downtown Portland, in the heart of the city, and only a block away from the the Pearl District. The location was great, within walking distance to a lot of places, including some great cafe's and restaurants.

ace-hotelOur first night we took it easy and went out for a quick bite to eat. We had done some research before hand on some great places to go, but the first night we winged it. Which can sometimes be great, but in our case, it wasn't. We ended up going to a pub with the worst service I have ever experienced! But you know what, it made the rest of our dining experiences amazing.

The next day we ventured out into the city, had some extremely tasty breakfast over at Bijou cafe. I had the cauliflower and black kale hash with sheep milk feta. Any time I ever see sheep milk or goat cheese on a menu I always have to try it, I never get to eat any dairy otherwise.

Then, we bused over to 23rd street, a shopping district. We shopped, drank, and ate some delicious happy hour appys. One great stop was the Huckleberry Pub, where I got to enjoy their 'I'm Your Huckleberry' cocktail. It was excellent! When I was young we used to have heaps of huckleberry bushes around our house and I would eat them all up every summer, therefore I just had to try it.

That night we went for a late happy hour and early dinner at Clyde Common, the restaurant below our hotel. We had all heard amazing things about this place, and boy were they true. The food was absolutely delicious. However, I was still recovering from my two week ear infection, and still on a low dose of antibiotics, so I had to call my night early and head in after dinner. But that was alright, I had had a very full day out in the city, and didn't mind some alone time.

On our second day we made our way over to South East, a boutique and vintage shopping district. My number one awesome score of the day, a Pendleton Wool bag - the only thing wrong is the strap, good thing I know someone who sews leather. It was another great day full of shopping, food, and drinks. But by the end of it, our feet were tired and we were all ready to head back to the hotel to freshen up and go out again. It was a full trip.

Let me just point out that three nights and two days are not sufficient time to spend in a city like Portland. There was still so much that I didn't get a chance to see, let alone go to many restaurants that I had been recommended to check out. On our last day my friends wanted to check out more of the Pearl District, and I really wanted to explore this rose garden I had heard so much about. But not before I got a chance to fill up on coffee at Stumptown, the coffee shop below the hotel. I ended up bringing two bags of beans back and a travel mug - must be good coffee.

The rose garden was beautiful. There were seriously rows and rows of roses. My camera got a lot of use out of this part of the trip. It might have been a good thing that I was alone - I got a chance to take a lot of photos without feeling bad that I'm taking too long.

Then I had some time before I had to meet my friends, so I wondered on over to the zoo up the hill. I have mixed feelings about zoo's, but it was still an interesting experience.

The trip back was still full of laughs and an exceptionally packed up vehicle. We hit some heavy traffic on our way back through Seattle, which made our five hour drive into more of a seven hour drive. We still made the ferry home to Salt Spring... but once we boarded we were told there was a malfunction with the ferry engine and we waited docked for two and a half hours before departing. Which made our three hour ferry ride, into a five hour one. We ended up playing the entire deck of Cards Against Humanity, and drank a lot of tea. So it took a while to get home, but we got home, and we were all happy to see our boyfriends again.

portland street se-portland clide common hotelrose-gardenroses-8roses-17roses-18cheetaSeattle


Portland pt. 1

beach-Where has the time gone? I can't believe that it's already the middle of August. It's been a whirlwind of fun though! The first week of August I went on a road trip down the coast of Oregon and to Portland with some girlfriends. It gave me a chance to de-cobweb my camera and take some photos again. As well as explore a new city and spend some quality time with friends.

The first day we drove down from Vancouver, through the slow Seattle traffic, and took a turn at Olympia towards the coast. We camped the first night in Long Beach, Washington. We drank a lot of wine, had a bon fire, and played some cards against humanity. My body hurt the next day from laughing so hard.

We drove over to Portland the next day, but not before stopping off at some beaches along the way. Our first stop was to admire the bridge between Washington and Oregon, the longest truss bridge in North America. We stopped for breakfast in the quaint little town of Astoria, over looking the Columbia river and massive bridge we had just taken.

Then, after taking a wrong turn we ended up at Canon Beach. Our first stop was the Insomnia Coffee Company for some much needed caffein. The beach was refreshing, beautiful, and extremely windy. We were surrounded by flying kites and wind swept hair.

Making our way in-land the weather got warmer and the landscape flatter. Driving into Portland we found ourselves admiring the buildings and the vast array of trees along the streets. We knew right away that we would love this city.

Astoria-bridgeclo-+-shanbridgebridge-3bridge-4bridge-5columbia-rivergirls-+-bridgepigeoncanon-beach-2canon-beach-6canon-beach-3canon-beachCanon-beach-7girls-portland-tripxo, em