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currently craving - bookscurrently craving in books

  1. the kinfolk table: recipes for small gatherings by nathan williams - (also available at Twang & Pearl on Salt Spring Island ) this looks like such a great book, full of tapas and beautiful photos.
  2. chloé: attitudes by sarah mower - because who wouldn't want a book filled with Choloé
  3. go dairy free: the guide and cookbook for milk allergies by alisa marie fleming - I have an allergy to milk protein in cows milk, so I do already eat dairy free, however I think it would be nice to try some new recipes.
  4. le petit paris: french finger food by nathalie benefit - I can't wait for the day when I get to go to Paris, hopefully I'll get to take a cooking class over there sometime.
  5. love, bake, nourish: healthier cakes and desserts full of fruit and flavour by amber rose and ali allen - I love baking with fruit.

I've been feeling really sick lately - I spent my entire weekend in bed. At first I thought maybe I had really bad allergies... BUT the allergy medicine didn't work, which has led me to believe that it's actually a cold. I've been taking every sort of homeopathic remedy I can find, and they are helping, I just think I got a really bad case of this cold. The worst though is this cough that just doesn't want to go away.

I'm hoping to get some photography done either later to day, or at least sometime this week. Don't get me wrong I do love these 'wish list' and 'currently craving' posts, but I miss my own photos. Bare with me until my health gets better and I can do more than just computer work.

Hope you are well, have you read any of these books?

xo, em


beauty wish list

beauty wish list

I've been feeling like I need to revamp my bath and beauty collection lately. I am running low on a lot of products, some of which I don't think I would like to repurchase. However, some have been great. You can read a post about them here.

I'm adding these items to my wish list, some because I need to replace products I'm not too happy about, and others are little treats to myself.

  1. nars radiant creamy concealer - I've been hearing some amazing reviews about this concealer, especially from my friend Brittany over at life, set sail. I'm going to have to do a bit of saving for this one though, it's a bit pricey, but I hear it's well worth it.
  2. bareMinerals original foundation - again, I've been hearing some great reviews about this product. My current foundation is almost gone, so I think I'll give this one a go next. Most reviews state that it leaves a very natural finish, which is exactly what I want. It's also made without parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, sulfites, and GMO's - which is a plus in my books.
  3. naked ultra nourishing lipgloss in coral peach - this shade is perfect for spring. This gloss nourishes and brightens up your lips, a must for this time of year.
  4. butter london nail lacquer in opaque icy mint - another great shade for spring. I absolutely love this colour, and it goes with everything.
  5. herbivore botanicals pink clay gift set ( soap and facial mask ) - I love that herbivore botanicals uses 100% natural ingredients and the packaging is beautiful. This pink clay would be great for my fairly sensitive skin.

Have you tried any of these products?

a collection of florals

a collection of floral sweaters

a little collection of floral sweatshirts

  1. she piner apricot long sleeve ink floral sweatshirt
  2. black floral sweatshirt
  3. chicwish floral sweatshirts
  4. oasap vintage floral print sweatshirt

I love floral patterns.

I've found I have quite the collection of floral printed items. I especially love these long sleeves, which are great for spring. When the weather is warm, but not quite warm enough for tanks and tees - it's a nice way to add a little springtime flare to a warmer outfit.

Also, happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone's week has been going well. I know mine has. It's been busy though. I started two jobs last week, but unfortunately have to leave one because I got more hours at the other, and I can only work so long somewhere other than my jewelry and sewing.

I think all this working might have run me down because I now have a sore throat and don't feel the best. So I'll be taking it easy this weekend, but hopefully still have the energy to work on some projects. What are your plans for the weekend?

xo, em

a trip with friends

thursdays tripLast thursday three of my girl friends and I went for a shopping and errand trip off island to Victoria. We all had a lot we needed to get done in a day, which ended up being an awfully long day. We did some shopping, went to the mall, I got to go to a gemstone and jewelry supply store (picked up some silver and gold for a fun up-coming project), and even went to an antique store! We did get lots done, while having fun in the process.

Later today I get to experiment with this silver and gold wire I got, and make some jewelry. I also picked up some solder and a new drill bit (I broke the one the other day drilling into some crystals). I'm super excited to be doing some silver and gold work.

I am in love with this Aveda control force hair spray. This is the second time I've purchased it, you know a product is good when. After I 'straighten' my hair (I like to twist my hair and press the straightener over it, which creates some nice soft curls), and spray this in, my hair holds all day. It also adds volume and smells great, kind of perfumy, but after it's sprayed and set it smells nice.

We also stopped off at Aritzia. At first I wasn't going to look and just help my friends find some new items, but one thing led to another and I ended up purchasing this grey wilfred free top. I love the high neckline, it's great for wearing statement necklaces with.

aritzia box

I love the bags that Artizia has, the photographs are always so eye catching and inviting. The cashier was telling me that one girl saved all the bags she had got and framed them... hmmm, perhaps another project for me in the future?

xo, em